The Perfect Bride


Adam Sutton’s instinct for trouble failed him once before—and nearly destroyed his sister’s life. He’ll do anything to make amends, even helping her turn their family’s mansion into a successful destination-wedding business. But when Jillian Jones suddenly arrives at Sutton Hall, this brooding businessman suspects the bride-to-be isn’t what she seems. She’s asking too many “innocent” questions about the Hall’s tragic history and the mysterious death of its first paying bride. She’s defying his orders to leave, even as strange accidents threaten her. And her fiery determination is making it impossible for Adam to resist getting dangerously close. Now their only chance to survive means gambling on an all-too-fragile trust–even as someone in the darkest shadows prepares to dress another Sutton Hall bride in black…

Harlequin Intrigue 1421
May 2013
ISBN: 978-0-373-69688-8

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First in the SUTTON HALL WEDDINGS series, followed by THE BEST MAN TO TRUST.

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About the Book
I’ve always loved the old gothic style, and writing a gothic romance has long been a dream of mine. THE PERFECT BRIDE is the result of that dream. In it, I tried to capture what I loved about gothic romances while creating a mystery to keep Intrigue readers guessing and making a story that was distinctly my own. It was a bit like finally getting to play with those toys I’d coveted for so long and seeing what I could do with them. They’re all here: The remote and mysterious location. The brooding, forbidding hero. The push-pull between the heroine and the darkly compelling man she doesn’t know whether she should trust. The cast of eccentric characters who are full of secrets. The crazy villain. I had so much fun writing this story, and I hope readers will find it just as much fun to experience.

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